Flex Trim Sanding Solutions

Flex-Trim A/S Denmark, develops, manufactures and sells sanding solutions based on a patented and international acknowledged brush technology across industry for wood, engineering timbers, metals, plastics and composites.

Flex-Trim’s history started in the wood and furniture industries with a desire to make hand sanding simple, straight forward and universal. The invention of the Flex Trim sanding system makes today the company to the market leader in surface sanding.

Flex-Trim and Schucon offer unique and individually combined sanding systems for both static fixed and hand-held machines.

By using Flex Trim brush sanding systems you will achieve a number of benefits:

  • Improved and uniform surface quality.
  • Optimized production.
  • Longer lifetime of sanding materials when compared to traditional methods or competitive products
  • Lower energy consumption.
  • Reduced consumption of paint or lacquers.


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Flex Trim Sanding head

The unique Flex Trim sanding head can be delivered in any length/diameter needed for the task/machine. There are countless ways to combine the module-built sanding head, and our standard models will cover your needs in most cases, otherwise, for a small price addition, the core can be made to the required dimensions.

One of the many advantages of the original Flex Trim sanding cores is that replacements of the sanding segments are made without dismantling the shaft and the head, just by removing the O-ring.

Flex Trim’s unique sanding system can be installed in almost every machine as long as it is equipped with a shaft and a frequency controlled motor, which is a determining factor in securing the right speed (RPM).
This means that the customer usually can use existing machines and in that way save investments in new equipment.

Flex Trim offers six heights to the brushes, all to be used for different applications from aggressive sanding to final polishing, covering items with very deep profiles (eg MDF mouldings) to surface sanding complemented with a supporting brush, allowing for a higher pressure on the surface with the result of a more aggressive sanding.

The cores are produced using POM, which is resistant to chemicals, allowing for the cores also to be installed in a lacquer room.
As standard, the cores are supplied in the following diameters: Ø35, Ø50, Ø80, Ø100, Ø120, Ø180 and Ø280mm. Please ask for details of any non-standard diameters you may require.

In our evaluation of the right solution for any given job, we also consider which type of sanding media to be used. To start with, we supply sanding strips with six different sanding media. If the job requires
a non-standard media we will find it; we pride ourselves in delivering the perfect solution.

Support brushes

Flex Trim sanding systems are built to sand with high pressure instead of high speed.

If a more aggressive sanding is required, using support brushes increases the applied pressure.

Using support brushes on hand sanding tools also makes jobs easier.

FlexSander 600 is an effective and flexible machine eliminating all forms of manual hand sanding and can be use by all in the industry.

FlexSander 600 can be mounted with the exact spindle length required – with up to 3 spindles, allowing for 3 different head diameters on the same machine. It is also possible to mount various sanding grades and brush heights on the same head, thereby supporting multiple sanding jobs during one production process.

View Flextrim Sanding Brush Videos Here