Abrasive wheels

Schucon supplies abrasive sanding wheels for fully automatic, dedicated multi-headed sanding and de-nibbing machines, as well as single stand alone spindle machines with an RPM of no more than 1450RPM.

Standard flap wheel dimensions are 200mm outside diameter, 76mm bore and widths from 10mm to full rolls of 2000mm.

Custom sizes are available for certain types of abrasive wheel.

Profile Sanding Wheels for Wooden Substrates

  • Rough, raw wood sanding wheels
  • Hard polyurethane pre-sanding wheels, TYPE SCH, RUB, 002VF etc.
  • Available in 100, 120, 180 and 220 grits.
  • Widths available from 20mm to 80mm.
  • These hard PU impregnated wheels are used for Makor high speed MDF mouldings profile lines on multi head profile sanding machines at line speeds anywhere from 20m/min to 120m/min.
  • The PU wheels are a very hard, dense abrasive wheel and can only be shaped online by running MDF back and forth under the wheel or offline on Makor SAG shaping machines.

Inter-coat, De-nibbing and Painted Product Sanding Wheels

  • Flap wheels are design for de-nibbing and light sanding duties.
  • Available in GREEN, BLUE, GREY and BLACK versions, each with different impregnated materials and different grits.
  • 240, 320, 400, 600, 1000 and 1200 grits are all available.
  • All flap wheels are 200mm outside diameter and 76mm bore hole in the centre.
  • Available in 10mm widths from 20mm to 2000mm wide.
  • The density of the flap wheel changes according to the number of flap elements contained in the wheel itself during the manufacturing process. Density being equal, the number of flap elements can change according to the type of base material and grit used.
  • These flap wheels are useful in many applications for buffing of UV and Acrylic (Water Base) paints when the thickness of paint is more consistent, and it’s necessary to apply a more efficient and aggressive cutting. Also, perfect for solvent and water based de-nibbing. They are shaped more easily and can be done by hand or on single or multi-headed profile sanding machines.
  • Flap wheels are also used in the stainless steel industry. For specific uses, please email us with requirements for flap rolls.
Brush Sanding Wheels

Schucon stocks a full range of FLEX-TRIM brush sanding wheels for both presanding and intercoat de-nibbing. See here for more information


Hard PU pre-sanding wheels and heavy sanding of edges or profiles – a cast PU wheel with abrasive suspended in a hard, dense, heavyweight and robust structure. Available in multiple grits. (100g to 220g)

  • MDF.
  • Chipboard.
  • Hardwood.
  • Plastics.


Normally used for inter-coat de-nibbing and light, high speed sanding of profiles – a tubular core into which multiple strips of non-woven abrasive are glued into to form a homogeneous layer sanding wheel. Various densities and grits available. (300g to 1000g)

  • Softwood.
  • Hardwood.
  • MDF.


Normally used for light pre-sanding of solid woods or heavy denibbing or cutting back of painted/lacquered surfaces. These wheels are non-woven abrasive interleaved with either sandpaper or sanding cloth in different ratios. These wheels are denser than flap wheels and the layering of the two sanding aggregates means a much lower risk of clogging with resinous woods. Various densities and grits available. (100g to 600g)

  • Rough wood sanding.
  • MDF.
  • Pine.


Schucon supplies Flex-Trim and a custom range of brush wheels to suit many different types of machine. Many manufacturers of sanding/de-nibbing machines fabricate their machine to only accept a specific design wheel. Schucon can supply any type of machine with equal or better quality brush wheels.

  • Makor.
  • Cefla.
  • Fladder.
  • Quickwood.
  • Cosma.
  • Costa.