ATE Simple Paint System

We have worked alongside ATE Srl for many years supplying their ATE Simple Paint System. This unique system is a patented device which works exclusively on the air used by the gun during the painting process.

The SIMPLE-PAINT is employed in the non electrostatic painting on wood, plastic or metal products sector using mixed high and low pressure guns and with solvent or water-based paints.

The SIMPLE-PAINT SYSTEM produces a deionising process that eliminates painting defects, improving transfer and deposit of paint onto products, reducing the paint consumption, the over-spray and improving the quality.

We have installed these machines into various spray shops in the UK, and our customers feel that there is a tangible improvement in their spraying process. Contact for more information on this system.

Schucon Ltd supplies the fluid necessary for the operation of the Simple Paint system. These are supplied as 9 x 200ml bottles per box, and we hold a large stock at our UK warehouse.